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Heavy Enduro Racing. A rallying point for the growing community of big bike riders interested in testing themselves and their machines. Contained within this page you will find a growing network of international riders currently racing, folks getting into racing and shared resources to help riders make the rally racing dream a reality. No egos, factory riders or pro support crews to be found here. Just an open-to-all community of like minded dirt pilots pulling together to form friendships, support each other and to get out and ride on race day. Want to join the family? Easy, give us a shout, fly the flag and be a part of the community. Wanna race? Talk to the riders! They can help you with what you need to get started and may even have room at the bivouac for you. Now meet some of our trailblazers so far.


Chris Cork: Devon, England

Nickname: Corky

411: HMFIC of Heavy Enduro Racing, Prolific Rally Racer, Dakar Competitor, Punk Rocker, Madman, Adventure Guide, Dune Junkie, Big Bike Advocate, Proud Father

Bikes: 2006 KTM 950 LC8 Rally (9x0RR), 2007 KTM 990 Adventure S

About: Got into racing real late and quite by chance after a phone call to John and Rally Raid Products UK, Went to order a kit for a 690 and ended up doing the infamous Dawn2Dusk Enduro with him. Came 4th in the 10 hour race. It snowballed from there…

Rally History: Taken part in over 20 international rallies. Had 5 podiums and 4 DNF’s (2 blown engines, 1 broken back, 1 electrical malfunction)

Current Goal: To be the 1st twin cylinder racer to complete the Africa Eco Race (the old Dakar) in Malle Moto class (no assistance).

Upcoming Races: Merzouga Rally 3/31-4/5, Morocco Desert Challenge 4/12-20, Hellas Rally 5/19-26, Pan Africa Rally 9/21-27

Social Media: @carryoncorky / FB Chris Cork

Website: https://carryoncorky.blogspot.com Racing Resources: carryoncorky@icloud.com



The Brothers Kaneda

Eiichi: Otsu City, Japan

411: Owner and Operator of Mountain Works, Forest Maintainer, Race Course Creator, Obstacle Builder, Samurai Rider, Man of the Mountain

Bikes: KTM 1190 Adv R

Race History: Inabe Big Off-Road, JNCC & WEX Spring Kutsuki Race, JNCC & WEX Fall Race

Upcoming Races: 2019 JNCC & WEX R5 Kutsuki and R7 Kutsuki Races, Happy Motorcross, Mother GP Series, TBI Rally, Snake Valley Enduro Racer

Social Media: @mountain_works


Masato: Nagoya City, Japan

Bikes: KTM 1190 Adv R

411: Large Truck Mechanic, Snowmobile Racer, Samurai Rider, Campfire Connoisseur

Bikes: KTM 1190 Adv R

Race History: Asama GP300, Happy Motocross, WEX Kutsuki Spring, WEX Katsuki Autumn

Upcoming Races: JNCC & WEX R5 Kutsuki and R7 Races, Happy Motocross, Asama GP Series, TBI Rally, North 4 Rally, Snake Valley Enduro Race

Social Media: @mszr500


Morico: Himeji City

411: Carpenter, competitor, samurai rider, racer

Bike: KTM 1190 Adv R, KTM 950 Superenduro

About: I became interested in racing because I like competition

Race History: Sakashita Happy Fan Enduro, SSER Hokkaido 4 days, Shimoichi Genkien Motorcross at Snake Valley

Upcoming Races: Asama GP300, SSER at Snake Valley

Social Media: @morico1190 http://morico1190.livedoor.blog


Mike Haberoth: Fort McMurray, Canada

411: Husband and Father of 2 Kids, Badass Fire-Slayer/Paramedic, Moto-addict, Pin Cushion, unapologetic Canadian

Bike: 16’ KTM 1190 Adv R, 17’ Husqvarna 501

About: Up here in Canada its pronounced “A-boot” Ehhh.. Riding motos in the prairies since a young age, took a break for a bit then jumped back into the off-road scene HARD over the past 5 years.. Love riding single track but got hooked on desert rallies in August 2018 and tried out for the Baja Rally Moto Medics. Been learning all things Rally as fast as I can from proper bike setup, equipment, gear and roll charts. Attended the Baja Rally Shakedown, took the Pan Am Rally training School with Scott Bright and also learned from friend Chris Vestral. Basically, I’m going to race and that’s that. Oh and I also may or may not organize a certain sub-zero, ice spike studded benefit ride called Ride North Moto. :)

Rally History: Truthfully, I don’t really have a Rally History.. But I’m learning, I’m determined and I’m gaining.

Upcoming Races: KTM Rally Canada at Red Mountain Sept 26-28. After that, time for the desert.

Social Media: @m.haberoth / @ride_north_moto www.ridenorthmoto.com


Olly Bassi: Edinburgh, Scotland

Nickname: MotorOlly

411: Malle Moto Rally Racer, Film and TV Actor, Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Overland Explorer, Petrol Head, Enduro Guide, Proud Cat Dad.

About: 2011 was a big year for me, riding from Scotland to Dakar and back introduced me to off road riding, leading to swapping drag racing supercharged and nitrous bikes for the dirt. Since then it’s been, often literally, one giant adventure seeing some of the more incredible corners of the world in the best possible company!

Rally History: Over a dozen international rallies, the Romaniacs and other events.

Goal: All three FIM International Cross-Country Rallies and race back to Dakar on the 990 that started it all.

Upcoming Races: Merzouga Rally 3/31-4/5, Hellas Rally 5/19-26 ans maybe Romaniacs?

Social Media: @ollybassi / FB Olly Bassi



Aled Morgan: Newtown, Wales

Nickname: I haven’t earned one yet!

411: Rally racer, test rider, motorcycle clothing developer, trail guide and coach, underwater welder, proud Welsh man &dog dad

Bikes: KTM 950 Adv, AJP PR7, Husqvarna FE 450

About: Started riding bikes as early as I can remember thanks to my dad. Have tried pretty much every discipline till I fell in love with rallying. Raced in and won the 2018 British Rally Class. Picked up for the following year as the AJP UK factory rider and raced for them in the Hellas Rally. Love any time I get to be on a bike whether it’s racing an international rally or just popping to the shops. Recently progressed to coaching and guiding other riders to be able to get what they want from riding.

Goals: Race as many international rallies as possible, be involved with getting the people I coach to go racing and grow the sport in any way I can.

Future Races: Hispania, Hellas, Pan-Africa. We will see!

Social Media: @aledm9 Facebook: Aled Morgan



Andy Janik: Glen Ellyn, USA

Nickname: Overkill Andy

411: CNC Machine Man, Fabricator of Improvised Bike Parts, Illinois Dual Sport Rider, Beginner Racer, Budding Calendar Model, ADV Enthusiast, Pavement Hater, Italian Bike Abuser

Bikes: 16’ Ducati Multistrada Enduro, 14’ KTM 690 Enduro R, 11’ XC 300

About: I grew up riding dirt bikes on dirt, street bikes on street but dreamed of Dakar and racing someday.. After an evolution of motorcycles, I finally raced the Ducati twice last year thanks to Steve Kamrad and got addicted. I love riding big bikes off-road and LOVE when people say “you can’t do that on that bike.” With riding, I really enjoy inspiring, teaching and getting people excited about doing things with their big bikes they never thought they could do.

Racing History: Canada Dacre Challenge, Sandblast Rally, “The Race,” formerly known as “The Moose Run”

Goals: Just to be better than yesterday, stop falling so much, working on technique and balance, enter more rallies, get more experience, ride all the BDRs, do the Sonora Rally, ride Erzberg, grow the Dual Sport community and make as many friends and riding buddies along the way as I can.

Upcoming Races: Illinois Dual Sport Badlands Ride May 24-27, KTM Rally Breckenridge Sept 13-15

Social Media: @overkillandy / FB Andy Janik 2019 Badlands Ride



Mark McDonald: Glasgow, Scotland

Nickname: TBD…

411: Air Ambulance Paramedic, Big Bike Convert, Rally Racer, Ribbon Dancer

About: I rode a KTM 250 EXCF 6 Days for a year before getting a big bike. The first moment I hit the dirt with my 990 Adventure S I knew I wanted to race a big bike and this was the machine to do it on! Currently building version 1.0 of my 990 Adventure Rally bike.

Race History: Several UK events including Dawn to Dusk 24hr enduro (once as a 3 man team and once as solo 24hr entry). Several class podiums in ANICC Sprint Championship (Car racing).

Current Goals: Hellas Rally in 2019 as first navigation rally. Desert Training and Rallies over next couple years to build towards a Dakar or Africa Eco Race entry before I’m 40.

Upcoming Races: Hellas Rally 5/19-26, Support Crew at the Pan Africa Rally

Social Media: @expeditionrallying / Mark McDonald

Website: www.expeditiondakar.co.uk



John Douglas: London, England

Nickname: JD

411: HE Support Crew, Adventure Rider, Paraglider Pilot, Dirt Sherpa, Forensic Scientist and Computer Geek

Bikes: KTM 690 Enduro R, KTM EXC 350F, BMW R1150GS

About: I’ve been riding road bikes since I was 15 (they were powered by steam back then!) and only started riding off-tarmac in 2012 after doing Patsy Quick’s off-road courses, 1&2 in preparation for going to Iceland. Since then I’ve been riding off tarmac in Iceland, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, and of course, the UK. I was introduced to rallies after sponsoring Corky in the first Dakar and have supported hum and the HE Team in rallies and adventure rides in Morocco and Algeria.

Goal: I really enjoy the bivouac vibe and the international rally community - to that end would love to drive the assistance van and provide support for Corky’s next big rally challenge - Dakar 2020.

Social Media: @doors.to.automatic / John Douglas


Eric Dalton: Dublin, Ireland

411: Motorcycle Instructor, School Co-Owner, Presidential Escort Rider, Adventure Rider, 2 Wheeled Wanderer, Budding Rally Racer, Proud Father of a Future Rider

Bike: KTM 950 SE R

About:I’ve been riding bikes for 26 years now but have only been doing adventure type riding for the last 10 years or so.. Early on I had just participated in local events like the Paddy Dakar and loved it. WIshing some day I’d be able to compete in an actual rally. I always loved the friendly atmosphere and social side of that event which celebrates it’s 10th year this year. After the Paddy I started doing hair scrambles and decided to give road booking a go and loved it straight away. Not knowing where you’re going until you get there by following the road book was great fun.

Race History: Hellas Rally Raid 2017

Goals: Compete in the Morocco Deseert Challenge and the Africa Eco.

Future Races: Hellas Rally Raid 2019

Social Media: FB Eric Dalton IG @eric_aaronridertrainingltd www.aaronridertraining.com Facebook


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