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HEavy built enduro proven


The 411:

WLF Pro-files - Kilometer_9

HEavy Enduro co-founder @kilometer_9 has been honored with a seat at the cool kids table! Check out the link to his long winded WLF Enduro Profile below.  The WLF Pack is the gold standard for community growth in this industry, and we are stoked to be mentioned on their site, and even prouder to call them our friends.

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THIS IS WHERE YOU BUY STICKERS!!!! And some other stuff.  Fly the flag, fly it proud.

Respected Brands:


HEavy Built.

The bikes we choose to ride are not typically associated with Enduro.  They are built for long distance travel, with large displacement engines, monster gas tanks, seats for two, and a couple of panniers.  Most often found on dirt roads, loaded with luggage, and headed for adventure.   Let’s be honest, that’s what they’re designed for,and that’s what they’re good at.
But here at HE, we just think they’re big dirtbikes.


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Enduro Proven.

Since making the choice to ride these HEavy bikes in such demanding terrain, we had to upgrade certain parts to withstand the abuse. Most of the mods, on the Flagship 1190 Adventure R, are bolt on parts from various companies.  We are our own Q&C department.  So, after riding thousands of miles, speaking with riders from all over, and reading lots of stuff on the inter-webs. We were able to identify what we believed to be the best parts available, to build the most capable HEavy Enduro. 
And now we’re on a mission to put the whole package to the test.


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