IMS doing the HEavy Lifting

One of the components I had my eye on for the HE Flagship 1190 was a new set of pegs.  I had seen in person and read many reviews about ADV pegs and the added advantage of leverage do to them being longer and wider.  The comfort factor was also promising as I spend the majority of my riding time on the pegs, its my happy place.  As there are several options out there I started asking around and was pointed in the direction of IMS by my friend @tarakadak.  He has been running IMS on his bikes for as long as Ive known him and has never had a bad thing to say. Luke had also recommended the IMS Adventure 2 pegs to another adventure rider Mr. @edluke7. I sent Ed a message via instagram asking his thoughts.  Ed had great things to say not only about the pegs, but his experience with IMS as a whole. 


This sealed the deal and I pulled the trigger on a pair of Adventure 2 pegs.  Upon receiving the pegs in the mail I was surprised at how big they were.  Easily 3x the size of stock pegs.  But the fit and finish of these things was top shelf.  I tossed them on the bike and was really happy with how they looked.  My first ride on the new pegs was during a trip in Zions.  I spent the day carving canyon roads and standing up as much as possible.  The wide footprint/extended foot pad worked as advertised producing a very comfortable and planted platform coupled with some much appreciated leverage.  Day 2 in Zions started us out on a 2 lane twisty gravel road.  I saw an opportunity to go faster than necessary and show off my drifting skills to @advntr_pup.  Well that quickly turned into me showing off my pro level falling down skills.  I lowsided at about 45mph, slid about 40ft, and wound up facing the opposite direction I was originally travelling.  We had headsets on, so after confirming I was ok, and then laughing at me, Beca continued on her merry way, without ever slowing down.  That’s my girl.  I brushed myself off, picked my bike up, got pointed in the right direction, tossed my leg over, and rolled out.  But, when I went to put my left foot on the peg, I found that it was no longer there.  Now, just to clarify, this was not a failure of the peg in any way, but a failure in factory bolts, 2 of them.  So I got Beca up on coms, apologized for ruining the day, told her to have fun and be safe, and I ran back to camp where I had a toolbox.  I found a maintenance guy at the resort we were camping at, bribed him with a couple bottles of Great Basin Brewery beer, and acquired a drill.  I had the bolts that were sheared off in the frame drilled out, replaced with them with bolts from the passenger pegs, bike back together, and on the gas trying to catch Beca within a couple hours.


Caught up with her by lunch, had a good meal and a great rest of the day riding.  I had no other issues the rest of the trip.  So we got back from Zions and I had a 48hr window before I headed down to Bishop to ride with @tarakadak, @nickv, and @db50.  I knew these guys were going to put the hurt on me and I was concerned about snapping off another peg.  So I called up IMS as I was interested in the Core Enduro.  Steve answered the phone and I relayed my story to him.  After hearing my story Steve agreed that I had chosen the wrong pegs for the type of riding that I was doing.  Steve asked if he could call me back because he wanted to speak with Scott Wright, owner of IMS,  so we could make the right decision.  About 20 minutes later Steve called me back and said Scott thought the Core Enduro was the peg for me. But, they had none in stock.  So Steve said he would personally machine  a set for my bike that day and get them to @tarakadak before he left for Bishop so I would have them for my ride.  I thanked him a couple dozen times before letting him get off the phone and headed into the garage to do some last minute maintenance, and then my phone rang.  It was Steve, and he remembered that I was a taller guy and that I had mentioned the cockpit of my bike being a little cramped.  So he just wanted to let me know that the pegs I would be receiving would also be dropped and pushed back a few millimeters.  It’s the little things.  So 36-ish hours later I arrive in Bishop to find a brand new set of IMS pegs waiting for me at the hotel front desk.


I went and got registered for the event ant got my new pegs on.  They looked mean, and a quick test ride was all it took to find my comfort zone on them.  Later that evening the guys and I went over to the venue for Chili and margaritas, cant beat free food.  While we were there we stopped by the IMS tent.  This was when I was introduced to Scott Wright.  Scott immediately recognized my name and asked if I had received my pegs and how they had fit.  During my long winded answer Scott asked if he could check out my bike so he could see were the failure had occurred.  He identified some week points in the design of my skid plate coupled with the stock mounting system and then asked to see my phone.  He then proceeded to take pictures of the mounting points and bolts, text himself those pictures,  and he added himself to my contacts.


He said, now I have your info and your pics, we will get started on fabricating a better/safer way to do this and Ill be getting a hold of you, feel free to call me if you have any issues.  He then generously listened and offered advice on my Baja 1000 aspirations,  he seemed to know what he was talking about.  So to wrap this all up, my ADV pegs worked as advertised but did not fit my riding style,  I could not be happier with my new Core pegs and would highly recommend them.  Steve, Scott, and the entire IMS family are incredible! 


HE Actual, signing off.        

Trevor Morton