My first, my last, my choice for every bike. Motolab Suspension!

I had the honor of winning a custom suspension setup earlier this year after being entered into a contest, by one of my best friends and most regular riding buddies @zues_enduro.  The contest was put on by @californiadualsportriders and @motolabsuspension.  After I had been announced as the winner I was immediately contacted by the owner of Motolab, Rob.  I think he was almost as excited as I was.  At the time I won, the 1190 had not been selected as the HE Flagship yet, so I decided to do the suspension on my Husaberg 450.
I spent hours, seriously, hours, on the phone with Rob talking about my riding style, terrain, gear, and tire setup, there was also a lot of unrelated moto talk involved.  He wanted every little detail to make sure that he had my suspension setup exactly how I needed it.

After several conversations I had my suspension off the bike and in the mail and on its way to Rob’s shop in Prescott, AZ.  He gave me a call to let me know that he had received the package and would be starting on them the next day.  Not only did Rob start the suspension the next day, but he had it completed and back in the mail to me within 48hrs of receiving it.  Rob and I had discussed me having a ride planned in Bend, OR coming up and he wanted to make sure I had time to receive the suspension,  get it mounted, and have time to ride it on my local trails so I could adjust things and feel comfortable for my upcoming trip.  During the testing phase I had a question, so I slid to a stop out in the middle of the northern Nevada desert and gave Rob a call, he answered the phone and said, “Hey Rich, my hands are covered in fork oil, gimme one sec”.  For him to drop what he was doing and take my call, listen to me poorly explain what I was feeling in the suspension, and then walk me through adjusting it while on the trail, just blew me away.  In just a couple of minutes my adjustments were made and I was twisting throttle.  The suspension made my Bend ride, and every ride since then, so much more enjoyable.  So when it came time to do the suspension on the HE Flagship 1190, there was never a doubt that Rob would be my first phone call.  So I rang up Rob and rambled on about this crazy idea I had for a build, halfway through the conversation I realized that Rob was not only on board, but was already looking up parts and then he started hitting me with all the techy questions I didn’t know the answers to.  Rob wanted to do some research, so we had a couple days of texting and phone calls, sending pictures and videos, before we had a game plan and he told me to get the suspension in the mail.  His attention to detail, extensive knowledge, the ability to use information you provide about yourself, your gear, and your bike setup, along with his enthusiasm and encouragement made,  this the best part build.  And to be honest, one of the most important parts.  I cannot stress enough how much better the 1190 performs off road because of the suspension.   So to wrap this up, thanks Rob, for the support and work!


Thank you CDSR for introducing me to Rob via your contest!  And thank you Andrew for entering me in the contest to kick this whole experience off.


HE actual, signing off.

Trevor Morton