So Fresh and So Clean Speed

My brake pedals, break, often.  So I went to Cleanspeed Engineering as soon as I started the HE Flagship 1190 build.  I ordered myself a brake pedal and an oversized EG Pedal Pad. Cause who wants to hunt for their rear brake if they don’t have to? As per usual I received my package and was happy to see Jim’s high quality of craftsmanship.  Had the pedal on that afternoon and never gave it a second thought.  I road with this setup on my Zions trip and was very happy with it, the pad was easy to find but not so big that it was cumbersome.  No complaints.
I returned to Reno with three days of down time before taking off to Bishop to ride with the WLF Crew.  I got a call from my buddy @zues_enduro on my first day back asking me if I wanted to go do some training in a local rock garden, like he had to ask.  We met up that afternoon and had a pretty good training session.  The hill was not as easy as he made it sound.  So on our way back to his house he says to me,” I found a pretty good table top. Want to hit it real quick on the way home and get some shots for @heavyenduro”?  Again, like he had to ask.  So we head over, I roll it a couple times and then commit to getting some air. 


First jump was small, but I liked the landing and turned to hit it again..  While making a less than 1mph turn I tapped the front break, washing the front end and dropping the bike.  I know I know, rookie hour.  So I pick up the bike and get rolling again, when I look down and see that my brake pad is pointing straight up.  Huh? That’s weird, I should step on it.  So I did, and it fell off.  There is a small moment of blind rage, and then we ride home.  Luckily, Andrews wife can cook, so I got over it pretty quick.  The next morning I call Jim at Cleanspeed.  I give him the run down and wait for his response.  Jim says,” Huh, nobody has ever broken one of my pedals before.  Can you send me some pics”?  So I sent some pics. Jim called me back in less than a minute and said a new one was on the way, overnight, no charge, and he would include a smaller pad as he believed the leverage of the large pad is what caused the failure.  Jim asked if I would be willing to ship back the broken pedal so he could start working to improve the original design to make it stronger and safer.  I received the new pedal and pad the next day as promised and had it installed before leaving for Bishop.  I have had dozens of offs since getting the new pedal and have had zero issues.  I could not have asked for a better experience with Jim, and I was very impressed with his willingness to stand by and improve his product.  Im very excited to see if he releases an HE proof pedal.

HE Actual, signing off.

Trevor Morton